Skipper Academy

It pays to see the world

Skipper Academy is an intensive 9 day course teaching experienced sailors the necessary skills and tools needed to qualify as a professional skipper. We build on existing strong foundations students are expected to have and teach them how to apply their knowledge as skippers. Theoretical scenarios, practical applications and mentoring is the trio to success, our instructors will equip aspiring skippers with everything they need to be able to work effectively in the charter industry.

Is this course for you?

Are you an experienced and confident sailor? Someone who’s not afraid to step up and take the wheel? Are you enthusiastic and social? Most of all, are you up for an adventure? If yes, then please don’t hesitate to join the family.

Don’t have the required experience but think this could be the best job in the world? Check out our Training and Licensing page for advice.

Path to Glory

1. Experience


Skippers are responsible for the safety and well-being of their crew, as such we require students to have a strong foundation of sailing experience before applying.
Don’t have the required experience but think this could be the best job in the world? Check out our Training and Licensing page for advice.
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2. Licences


As a professional skipper you will be expected to have a valid licence that allows you to work commercially.
Don’t have one? Click here to see our partner training schools.
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3. How to apply


Create an account, fill out the application form and upload your licences. Select the course you wish to register for; we have a lot of applicants so spend some time making yourself stand out.
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4. Pass


After successfully passing Skipper Academy you will be offered contracts with our partners around the world based on availability and performance.
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Course Summary

Skipper Academy focuses on what it takes to become a professional skipper. The practical part of the academy will focus on close quarter maneuvering in ports, yacht system troubleshooting, caught anchors, local weather, emergency situations all with crew management in mind. We will also teach you the flotilla operations logistics of rafting 50+ boats together and circle raft procedure from the first skippers to have ever done it.

The academy will also educate you about professional qualities of becoming a skipper, such as insurance, contracts, invoicing, leadership, crew management, roles and responsibilities and various other aspects that differentiate a sailor from a skipper.

More Details


Split, Croatia. Currently accepting applications for 2017
Week 14 31st March - 8th April 2017 SOLD OUT €800
Week 15 7th - 15th April 2017 SOLD OUT €800
Week 17 21st - 29th April 2017 SOLD OUT €800
Week 18 28th April - 6th May 2017 SOLD OUT €800
Week 20 12th - 20th May 2017 SOLD OUT €800
Week 21 19th - 27th May 2017 SOLD OUT €850
Week 41 13th - 21st October €800

Apply and set sail for the best job in the world!


Whats Included

  • A week sailing in Croatia

  • Food and drinks onboard

  • Course materials

  • Professional instructions

Additional Costs

  • Travel to Split, Croatia

  • Transfer to the marina

  • First night accommodation and food

  • One group dinner out mid week