The Team

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Julian Brockhurst

Business Manager

Call Sign: The Swede

Julian has been the head of Quarterdeck since its start in 2014 and built it to what it is today. While overseeing Quarterdeck, Julian focuses on business development attracting the top crew from around the world and setting them up with the most exclusive opportunities in the charter industry.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Alex McGivney

Operations Manager

Call Sign: Big Mac

Alex is the chief of all crew, working tiresomely behind the scenes to ensure a seamless relationship between clients and Quarterdeck. Alex has worked his way up to the position within the company quickly with the help of his infinite knowledge about maritime the industry.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Marcus Fösel

Route Manager

Call Sign: Mr October

Marcus has worked with QD since its beginning. No matter if it is skippering for our partner companies all over the world, leading or managing flotillas or instructing at our skipper academies - he does it all in a professional, responsible way topped with German efficiency.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Nick Fusco

Call Sign: Outboard

Nicholas joined Quaterdeck in 2014 and quickly established himself as a active team player, he is always available to lend a hand to other Skipper's if they need assistance. Nicholas also understands the importance of local contacts and is well networked.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Goran Jerkovic

Call Sign: KGB

Goran has been with the company since 2013 and filled every roll on offer. He is extremely professional and provides us with an amazing insight into his local waters around Split.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Leah Wheeler:

Leah began working for Quarterdeck as a hostess in 2014. She fell in love with the lifestyle and, almost instantly, went back home after her first season and quit her office job to work on yachts full time. Leah has since completed culinary school in Canada, and is excited to bring her culinary trained background to the Hostess Academy. Her attention to detail, customer service standards, and experience are what makes Leah a standout within the company.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Andrey Boulianne

After a successful first season in 2016 Audrey has gone above and beyond to prove not only has she got the dishes to wow you but she also has the personality to match. She is as focused as she is dedicated which is why she will be joining the Quaterdeck team as a hostess instructor in 2017.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Stephi Ross

Call Sign: Riva Ross

Stephi may be the shortest hostess at QD, but what she lacks in height she makes up for it in sass. She loves to make sweet treats and is known to pull out a flap jack after a white party. With Stephi around there is no guest or skipper that goes hungry, earning herself the title of snack queen.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Louis ten Hacken

Call Sign: Boy Scout

Sailing in Croatia since 2012, started at QD 2015 after being skipper for three weeks promoted to LD skipper, in 2016 took over 3 week of RM in the weeks of Ultra. Now back for another full season as RM in Croatia.

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

Micheal Crisp

Call Sign: Stand By

Mike has been working with Quarterdeck since 2014, leaving behind a career in civil engineering. He now has 20,000Nm of delivery, charter and adventure sailing under his belt, and has served as skipper and lead skipper in Croatia, Greece, Mallorca and the BVI's for QD. Mike returns for his fourth season as a Route Manager in Croatia. Professionalism and safety are Mike's key aspirations.