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Split, Croatia

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Are you ready for an unforgettable summer adventure? Host Academy is the course for you! Designed for those interested in working as a host with QD & Yacht Week, this program will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your role.

From cooking delicious meals on board a sailing yacht to creating unforgettable experiences for your crew, Host Academy will teach you everything you need to know to be an exceptional host. You'll also have the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Host Academy is a requirement for anyone interested in working with us, and if you succeed, you'll be offered to join our team for the summer season.

Is this course for you?

Are you an experienced and confident cook?

Are you at least 20 years old?

Someone who is passionate for hosting and making your guests feel comfortable?

Are you enthusiastic and social?

Most of all, are you up for an adventure?

If yes, then don’t hesitate to join our team for the summer season!

What you can expect from us

  • One-on-One Mentoring and Tuition
  • Shore-Based and Practical Lessons
  • Course Materials and Tools
  • Crew Management Training
  • Basic Sailing Skills
  • Local Tours and Team Building Activities
  • A great week of sailing and learning with like-minded people

What we can expect from you

  • Fluent in English
  • Relevant Service Industry Experience (bartender, waitress, ski host or similar)
  • Culinary experience
  • Social skills
  • Positive Attitude
  • Availability During Peak Period (June-July)

If you do not have the required experience please checkout our Training and Partner Schools page. The recommended training will help you gain the experience required to attend Host Academy.


The course is 7 days long starting from Trogir, Croatia. Each yacht has a dedicated instructor and the yacht is also shared by 4 skipper and 3 host students.

Day 1: Meet on Friday evening for a shore-based lecture and run-through plan for the week. This will be an opportunity to get to know other students before starting the practical course. 

Day 2: On Saturday, you will meet the instructor team at the marina. Then it will be straight into check-in and provisioning the yacht. Depending on the weather we aim to sail out on Saturday. 

Day 3-7: Practical training on the water. Visit the islands we go to in the summer and practice the skills you will need. During the daytime, it's 100% focused on training and developing the practical skills required. Most evenings we have social activities similar to how it is during Yacht Week. Work during the day, and have fun in the evening.

Day 8: Check out of yacht, end of the course. You will be free to leave by 1600 however a lot of people tend to hang around Split that evening.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Yacht Week Academy, you will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to work on any future Yacht Week/QD charter with us.

Yacht Week guarantees a minimum of 6 weeks of work in your first season, and often more if you make yourself available for the entire season.

After successfully completing the academy and setting up your account, you can choose the specific weeks you are available. We then issue as many assignments as possible, giving you the freedom to accept or reject them.

For each assignment, you can invoice between €550 - €1000, in addition to any tips received.

We believe it is important for staff to have some proper time off each week. Yacht Week charters officially end on Friday afternoon which means you have a full night off without guests before your next charter starts on Saturday afternoon. This differs from the standard Sat-Sat charter which most charter companies follow.

Once you have completed a few assignments, you become eligible to join our Yacht Week Alumni page, which hosts over 1000 skippers, chefs, and agents. This community is an excellent place to make connections, and many of our staff use it to secure opportunities for the winter season in the Caribbean.