Tiago 🇵🇹


I was working in the merchant navy as a navigation officer and decided to join YW and see if I liked it - I guess I was bored of big ships and was looking for a new challenge. Found exactly what I needed with YW! 

Joined YW in 2019 with a lot of sea experience but still learned so much in the Academy. Started my path as skipper and learned a lot from the leadership team and all other skippers. Soon enough my work was recognized and I was promoted to lead skipper. 2023 was a challenging year with being instructor for YW academy for the first time and Route Manager of the Greek route. It's good to see that if you focus and do your job right the opportunities of progression will show up! 

Working for YW gave me so many opportunities. I knew nobody in the yachting industry. Here I met so many people that told me the way to be able to work the winter season in the Caribbean if I want to. Also I was able to start doing private charters in the med, charter companies recognize the level of our skippers and they want us all the time, which makes us all proud.