Pieter 🇳🇱


I have been sailing my whole life. But after doing a 3 month sabbatical whilst working for a tech company and doing my Yacht Master I knew I wanted to make a career switch. I knew of Yacht Week already but thought I was too old to join as a skipper. Some friends convinced me and I have not regretted it one single moment. I has brought me so much more knowledge about sailing, skippering and on top of that an amazing network of friends all over the world.

When I came in as a skipper I thought I knew it all but I couldn’t be more wrong, the one thing I learned the most is that when you start your careers as skipper is that always staying humble and always being open to learn new things is the most important thing. Learning from mistakes and laughing about them is a great quality to have. I think this has made me walk me through the ranks from skipper to lead skipper to eventually being route manager across multiple locations.

Yacht Week is in my opinion one of the best places to start a career in the charter industry. If you do two or three seasons you will get to know so many amazing people within the industry that work all over the world whilst doing an amazing job at the same time. This has definitely helped me getting into a bunch of jobs that otherwise I would never had the opportunity to get into.