Josh ūüáģūüá™


My journey to Yacht Week has been interesting for the last number of years I have traveled around the world doing ski seasons but I wanted something different before I started my studies. I met someone who recommended working for Yacht Week. I had some culinary experience before but never had been on a yacht. I applied online and within 2 months I swapped my ski stuff for my summer stuff and flew out to Croatia. I was lucky enough to have passed Academy which led me on an amazing journey around the Adriatic Sea. I spent the whole summer out on the water before I flew back to start my studies but my time with Yacht Week isn't over yet. I have already decided to go back for the whole summer again between my studies. Yes, it's possible to do both, have an amazing summer with Yacht Week and be a full-time student too.

It has been one of the best jobs I have ever had, the people you meet are friends for life. I know it sounds cliche but I feel like I have friends from all over the world now from South Africa, America, Europe, and everywhere in between. It is like having family on the water, we all look after each other and help each other no matter what time or day. Yes, the work can be hard but it's the people that make the company. The people you did academy with are the people you will travel the world with, the new skipper/host will be your new best friend, and no matter what everyone has got your back. As a first-year host, there were several awards available at the reunion and I was fortunate enough to win "Rookie of the Year", This was an honor and very unexpected but really appreciated. I have nothing but amazing things to say about you Yacht Week as a company and I highly recommend you take that jump and go for it 

I have been lucky enough to have made some amazing connections with Yacht Week, which has led to amazing adventures. From doing a private charter for the Events Director, to job opportunities as a host in the Caribbean and even got offered a job in Japan as a chef. The people you meet will lead you to a new amazing horizon. I have been fortunate to be selected to work for  The Ski Week this coming March. It has been hard to turn down this opportunity while I finish my studies but I know I will be coming back this summer to enjoy the sea life again with my family on the water.