Skipper Requirements

Accepted skipper licenses

We encourage our skippers to have a commercial license. This will allow you to work at all destinations and receive a higher salary.

Allow to work in Croatia Greece Montenegro BVI VIP Bookings Private charters
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore CE €450/week* €450/week* €450/week* €450/week* €700+/week* €700+/week*
Commercial License €420/week* €420/week* €420/week* €420/week*
Basic Sailing License €390/week* €390/week*

*IFS certificate, VHF certificate, First aid and Sailing licence are required for all our skippers.

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore CE

The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercial Endorsed is the widest recognised license world wide and allows you to work at all our destinations.

We encourage all our skippers to obtain this license and giva a higher salary to those who have it.

Commercial license

As a professional skipper a commercial license is highly recommended and we pay more to those that have them. There are many types of commercial license from around the world regulated by national government, coastguard etc. Many of the Basic Sailing Licenses below can be commercially endorsed. Not sure if your license is Commercially Endorsed? Ask us at

Basic sailing license

To start skippering for us we accept most basic navigation licenses in combination with VHF license and IFS Certificate. The full list of accepted licenses is below.

Full list