Host Academy

Host Academy is a course for you who want to work a summer as host with QD & The Yacht Week.

The course will prepare you for working and living on a yacht for a summer season. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks of how to cook on board a sailing yacht, how to give your crew an amazing week of holiday as well as seeing the most common ports we sail to.

Host Academy is a requirement for everyone who want to work for us. If completed then will be offered to work with us for the summer.

Is this course for you?

  • Are you an experienced and confident cook?
  • Are you at least 20 years old?
  • Someone who is passionate for hosting and making your guests feel comfortable?
  • Are you enthusiastic and social?
  • Most of all, are you up for an adventure?

If yes, then don’t hesitate to join our team for the summer season!

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What you can expect from us

  • One-on-one mentoring and tuition from our expert instructors
  • Shore based and practical lessons to teach you how to maintain the standard of professionalism that Quarterdeck expects of its hosts
  • Course materials and tools to prepare you for work on the water
  • Crew management training
  • Basic sailing skills
  • Local tours and fun teambuilding activities
  • A great week of sailing and learning with like-minded people in stunning Croatia

What we can expect from you

  • Fluent in English
  • Relevant experience in service industry (bartender, waitress, ski host or similar)
  • Culinary experience: You know how to cook great food and you enjoy doing it. You have experience working as a chef or similar level.
  • Social skills: It’s on you to make sure guess have a great time on board and feel relaxed. For food and drinks but also as a guide around the Islands and how to live on a yacht.
  • Attitude: You want to live on a yacht, meeting new friends from all over the world and being part of an international team of skippers and hosts.
  • Availability: To get the most weeks of work you need to be available in our peak period 4th July - 22nd August.

If you do not have the required experience please checkout our Training and Partner Schools page. The recommended training will help you gain the experience required to attend Host Academy.


The course is 8 days long starting from Split, Croatia. Each yacht has a dedicated instructor and the yacht is also shared by 4 skippers that will be your “guests” for the week

Day 1: Theory on land talking through what it means to be a professional host.

Day 2: Check-in and provisioning day for stocking up for a week at sea.

Day 3-7: Practical training on the water. Visit the islands we go to in the summer and practice cooking and hosting a yacht. Your skills will be evaluated and advice will be given by our expert instructors. Your skippers onboard will help you also to practice basic sailing skills.

Day 8: Check out of yacht, end of the course.


At the end of the course the instructors will ask themselves: “Would I feel comfortable sending you out on charter with my friends or family?” This decision will be based on 5 aspects and will determine if you pass or fail the course.

  1. Culinary competencies - We want you to show us your flair and creativity as a chef. You will serve each meal on board to the instructor, and other HA/SA students. Dinners must be a minimum of 2 courses. We will evaluate this based on taste, presentation, timing, and creativity.
  2. Hygiene and Cleanliness - A clean yacht is paramount to a successful and professional charter. Are you using proper food handling techniques in accordance to Level two Food Safety & Hygiene Certificate? Do you clean as you go and keep a spotless galley? Is the yacht shipshape at all times?
  3. Crew management and communication ability - Are you able to deliver a concise and engaging crew briefing that sets the expectations for the week? Are you able to communicate and work with the skipper to deliver an exceptional charter experience through teamwork and itinerary scheduling? Are you able to manage unforeseen events or difficult guests?
  4. A yacht skills exam at the end of the week - We will ask you to display a series of tasks on board from what you have learned that week. Will you be able to assist the skipper when he/she needs help?
  5. Attitude and personality - Will the guests enjoy your company on board and will you add value to their vacation?



WEEK 16 12-19 April Split, Croatia 1195€
WEEK 17 19-26 April Split, Croatia 1195€
WEEK 19 03-10 May Split, Croatia 1295€
WEEK 20 10-17 May Split, Croatia 1295€

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